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Tangerine is an organic concept inspired by legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs who believed in the power of collaboration & designed the work environment such that folks in different disciplines would interact by running into each other at the office. 

This Project is the materialization of a belief that an independent psychiatric & mental health practice can thrive when seasoned clinicians collaborate freely in the service of their patients.

A Psychiatric Clinic

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100% of funds go towards operations. 

How much?


Psychiatric care for as low as $50 per month? Yes!

​Pay $50 per month-- like a gym membership-- and receive one visit with Dr. Zahedi.  Any additional visits are only $25. Sign up for our monthly plan for additional benefits, such as discounts on therapy!

Our Patient-Controlled Care Plan allows YOU to have an active role in your care. No limits on the number of sessions per year; we will work with you to create a care plan that suits your individual needs.

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