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Psychiatric care for as low as $50 per month? Yes!

​$50 -- like a gym membership -- keeps your dossier open.

You don't get charged for visits with our psychiatrist, Dr. Zahedi, as long as your dossier (fancy name for chart) is open. 

Want therapy? No problem! We'll work with you to see what you need and can afford.

Our Patient-Controlled Care Plan allows YOU to have an active role in your care. No limits on the number of sessions per year; we will work with you to create a care plan that suits your individual needs.

Everyone loves the Tangerine mug!


A Psychiatric Clinic

Tangerine is inspired by legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs who designed Apple headquarters so as to increase communication and collaboration between people.  

We believe in the same concept. 

Tangerine is the materialization of a belief that an independent psychiatric practice can thrive when we are driven to know what our patients are up to and how they are doing!

Our seasoned clinicians collaborate freely in the service of our patients

(we love our company meetings!)

People kept asking how they can get one so here it is. Just click on the image & you will be transported to where you need to be.

Tangerine Mug!

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