Our Services

Mental Health conditions / diagnoses tend to be chronic & long-term. Treatment includes medication management (with frequent, brief check-ins, including tele-visits, email and texting) and / or individual or group therapy.


Attention Deficit Disorder

Mood Conditions

Medication Assisted Treatment for Substance Abuse

Anxiety Disorders

Conditions we treat

COVID19 has changed everything. While we used to have patients come in regularly, we now reserve face to face visits for blood pressure & weight measurements.

All other visits are virtual by either zoom, face time, or google meets. It is convenient and efficient. 


"Am I going crazy? What is happening to me?"


We have 2 tracks:

1. Psychiatric Diagnosis with medication management. It starts with a $300 intake followed by $75 per month retainer fee. For additional therapy sessions (most people do not need this), we charge $65 / session. 

2. Individual therapy only (because not everyone needs medications) at $100 / session.

Tangerine doesn't accept insurance as we think third-party payments can interfere with care. We want to answer to the patient and only the patient. 

We understand how distressing the symptoms of anxiety can get. We also understand how complicated the mental health system can be. At tangerine, we are unique in our approach. we don't claim to treat every diagnosis, but we know enough to help you get treated or navigate the system.