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We know that sometimes mental health illness or addiction and the law can collide. 
Blue Tangerine is here to help. 
Our goal is to provide you and your client with a referral-based mental health, dual diagnosis, and/or addiction program to help avoid a jail sentence. 

Blue Tangerine is mental health clinic based in Farmington that is backed by both a board-certified forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Sohrab Zahedi, MD, and Michael Sussal, LCSW, who specialize in forensics. 
Some of our services include: 
1) Bio-psychosocial reports
2) Treatment recommendations
2) Case Management and Documentation
3) Program options
4) Clinical coordination

5) Medical Record / Documentation Review

6) Consultation 
Our goal is to create a synergistic relationship between the attorney, the court and the client's criminal justice, psychiatric, and substance abuse needs. 
Our vast experience working in the Connecticut correctional systems will provide you and your client with the knowledge, experience and expertise for the best possible outcome. 

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​Please contact: zalaski@tproj.org or #888-669-1158

Sohrab Zahedi, M.D., is not just the Tangerine Project's psychiatrist but a board certified forensic psychiatrist who spends 20 hours each week treating inmates with mental disorders in the Connecticut prison system. Dr. Zahedi knows what it is like when mental illness collides with criminal justice. 


Sometimes, the law and mental health can intertwine and the courts will often look to outside experts (Dr. Zahedi) to determine whether or not the patient was sick during a run-in with the law.

Our team can provide the following services: 

  • Forensic Case Management
  • Trial Competency Evaluation
  • Civil Disability Evaluation
  • Conservatorship Evaluation

Welcome to Blue - the forensic division of Tangerine Project.