Psychiatric conditions & treatment are often long term.

The patient on medications is usually followed over months to years.

Tangerine understands this and that is why we function like a gym membership. Your first visit is called an intake and costs $250.

The process includes a thorough psychiatric history and mental status examination. The intake can also substitute as a consultation if you are being treated by a primary care physician or anyone who needs a second opinion. 

If you decide that you want Tangerine to manage your medications, then it's $50 per month.

Dr. Zahedi or APRN Nolan will see you as often as is needed. It's personal. It's direct. 

You are in charge and have a stake in addressing your mental health.

When stable, some patients can go weeks without an in-office visit.

But we always check in. 

Need a Therapist but not medications?


We have therapists -- licensed clinical social workers -- who will see you as often as you want.

These are nice, down to earth, compassionate folk.

We charge $85/visit and each visit runs about one hour.

Already on the membership model and taking meds? Then we charge therapy visits at $50/visit. 


Call Ms. Lisa Zalaski at

(888) 669 - 1158 x 7