Per Month!


Worried about limited visits?

Concerned with high co-pays? 

Let us create a monthly plan that's right for YOU!

Our personalized, no-insurance, direct patient-controlled care model lets you control how often you visit us. 

YOU in the driver's seat

Getting the care YOU deserve 

As often as YOU need

​Psychiatry Services?​

​Intake (MD, APRN): $250 due at 1st appointment

After that?

$50 monthly fee. Just like a gym membership.

Need a Therapist?

We have the one that's right for you. 

Our team of specialists are down-to-earth with tons of experience. Most importantly, they are compassionate. They want to help you.

Fees per sessions are $75 for 60 minutes. 

Questions? Call or email us.

Contact: Lisa at (888) 669-1158 xt 7 or zalaski@tproj.org